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XBOARD is a cloud content management system that specializes in promoting internal communication.

Creating entries focused on employees connection to enhance their engagement and categorizing knowledge appropriately, realize reachable content distribution.

Basic flow of XBOARD


Create entries easily with an intuitive interface. Features automated support for PC and smartphone (iPhone, Android). Creating content focused on an individual employee is possible by linking related users to each entry.

PCのknowledge board管理画面の社内報作成画面


Share the company vision and hidden passions of employees. Generate more compelling content by visualizing connections between employees. Empathy strengthens employee engagement, enhances organizational power, and invigorates internal communications.



Notify users that an entry has been published with an email newsletter. Also provides effectiveness measurement functions of click-rate and other indicators. Solve problems such as sluggish growth and declining page views with push notifications.



Conduct an analysis of your website using an abundance of data from more than 17 different indicators to measure long-term effectiveness and formulate policies. Log data is collected for each user, and the export to CSV function enables the use of your data elsewhere.



Word-like Editor

Intuitive operation with drag-and-drop. Full support of any file format including videos and PDF/Office files.

Email Newsletter

Easily create email newsletters by selecting from the drop-down list. Scheduling the date and time of emails and measuring their performance is also possible.

Log Management

You can trace user activity for each entry.

Read-Through Rate Measurement

Measuring how far users have read the entry.

Schedule Management

Displayed in calendar format, you can see through coming publishing planning.

Custom Category

Tagging and categorizing entry posts make it more accessible to proper information.

Pick Up

Enable this to display recommended entries at the top of top-page.

Get Approval in Advance

It's a good idea to request feedback to people who appear in before publishing.

Relationship Map (Connections)

XBOARD visualizes the business relationship of employees. It may help you to spread your connections and increase your business chance.


XBOARD allows you to use the site safely with IP filtering/Login authentications.

User Management

Support CSV export/import. Setting portrait and profile of employees helps smooth communications in office.


You can post information at the top of the top-page. This function is useful as a tool of companywide announcement.


Show top entry in a ranking format. This function is useful for offering common topics among employees.

QR Code

Generate QR Codes automatically. Make use of it on digital signage and print in-house magazines.


We can support Japanese, English, and Chinese. Each article and custom settings are also supported for the added language.

For more extensive services

XBOARD API/Entrusted Development

In order to link to other systems, you can use paid API services.


Integrating into the Enplug services, you can use digital signage with flat-panel displays and projectors.

Single Sign-On

In addition to seamless login authentication that does not display the login screen, you can use single sign-on settings that combine multiple login methods.

Content Creation Team

We can introduce a creative team that has expert knowledge, such as directors, writers, photographers if needed.

Pricing and Plans

Basic Price Structure

We estimate pricing based on numbers of accounts. For more details, please contact us with the inquiry form below. We will get back to you shortly.


Enabling Single Sign-On
Entrusted Development
Content Creation Team from amana Inc.

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